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Dental Crowns

Dr. Root often recommends dental crowns as a way to preserve a natural tooth. The purpose is to save the tooth, prevent a fracture and possible extraction in the future. You may also choose to receive a dental crown for cosmetic purposes. Some of the most typical reasons for getting a dental crown include:

  • Your tooth is cracked or broken. Many times a tooth can be saved from extraction by covering the tooth with a crown. If the tooth fracture extends below the gum line, Dr. Root may require an additional procedure to ensure the margins of the crown meet solid tooth structure above the gum line. 
  • Your tooth currently has decay and has previously been treated with a large filling due to decay in the past. If there is too much natural tooth structure missing, this leaves the tooth vulnerable to fracture. Dr Root may determine that a crown would be the best possible restoration for recurrent decay. At times, if the decay extends below the gum line, Dr. Root may require an additional procedure in order for the margins of the crown to be placed on solid tooth structure. 
  • After root canal therapy your tooth is vulnerable to fracture. Once the nerve has been removed from any tooth, the blood supply that was delivered to the tooth ceases and the tooth is no longer vital. This causes the tooth to become dry and brittle over time which may lead to fracture. To preserve and protect the tooth from breaking, Dr. Root recommends placing a crown on most root canal treated teeth. 
  • You have severe staining or other discoloration on one or more of your teeth. Although we do offer safe and effective professional teeth whitening at Root Dental, this service isn’t always enough in cases of severe or internalized discoloration. Placing a dental crown on the affected tooth or teeth allows you to disguise the problem and improve the appearance of your smile.
  • Misalignment of the teeth. If some of your teeth are only slightly misaligned, placing crowns on them may be an alternative approach to undergoing full orthodontic treatment.

What to Expect When Receiving Your Dental Crown

Restoring a tooth with a dental crown requires two appointments at our Vero Beach dental office. At the first appointment, Dr. Root prepares the tooth for the crown by removing a small amount of enamel. This is done to create room for the crown without altering your bite once the permanent crown is placed. When the tooth preparation is complete, Dr. Root takes an impression and forwards it to our laboratory for use in fabricating the dental crown.  Dr. Root uses only the finest domestic dental labs that use the highest quality non allergenic materials for you.  Each crown is custom made by highly skilled dental lab technicians to protect and cover the prepared tooth between the first and second appointment. Dr. Root’s assistant will produce a temporary crown for you to wear while the lab makes your permanent restoration.  At the second appointment, the crown is cemented using a special permanent crown and bridge cement. We instruct you on best practices to care for your new dental crown so it lasts as long as possible. With consistent oral hygiene routine and regular recommended dental check-ups, a crown can last for many years.

If you’d like more information about dental crowns, you can contact Root Dental to schedule a consultation.